Explore Ghana

Ghana is located in West Africa. A country full of diverse culture with various attractions and tourist sites. Its various wildlife and prominent national parks makes this nation one to visit in Africa. Red Kite travel and tours is your one stop travel consultant and ours is to help make your trip a memorable one.




It is located in West Africa

Capital city is Accra

Has a population of about 26million

Ghana gained independence from Britain in 1957

The citizens of Ghana are called Ghanaians

Formerly known as the Gold Coast

Currency- Ghana Cedi

Ghana currently has 10 region and 216 local districts

First sub-Saharan country to break from colonial rule

There are about 250 languages spoken in Ghana


The official languages are English, Akan, Ga and Ewe

Temperature is between  20-38° C/ 68-100.4° F

Rainy season(April - August) and Dry season/harmattan(November-March)

International airport - Kotoka International Airport, Accra

Country phone code – (+233)

Religion – Christian, Islam, Traditional beliefs

Border countries:  West-Ivory Coast, North-Burkina Faso, East-Togo  

There are over 10 different local foods to choose from.

Ghanaians are friendly, passionate and peaceful people

There are Airline services to major cities like Kumasi and Tamale.



Groceries can be bought at major malls as well as smaller stores.eg Accra Mall, Koala, Marina mall etc.

Enjoying the Ghanaian beaches on the coast can be a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. .

There are various Ghanaian dishes to enjoy example fried cassava and plantain, banku and tilapia, kenkey with fish, fufu and soup. etc.

Visit various National parks and educative sites, example Mole National park, Elmina Castle, Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and memorial Park, Kakum National Park among other places.

Attend the annual Chale Wote Street art festival

Watch various plays and dramas at the National theater.

Enjoy various musical events and award shows at the conference center.

There are various festivals one can experience in Ghana revealing the culture of the people.

Kumasi, also known as the “Garden City” is the second largest city in Ghana…This great place offers the opportunity to shop for African fabrics and clothes.

Buying things in Ghana’s colorful markets is also an exciting experience, having a variety of things to choose from at moderate prices.