We are dedicated to impacting the communities and environments we work in. By promoting exposure and interactions through tourism and working with NGOs on community improvement projects, we hope to facilitate idea sharing, problem solving and assistance for the various needs in the communities we visit.

Social Change Initiatives Programs

Volunteer Projects are very necessary especially in under privileged societies where assistance is needed for social purposes. Opportunities are opened to volunteer. Some of the services performed are

•    Donating clothes to the under privileged.
•    Educating children on good personal hygiene.
•    Embarking and educating the girl child on how to prevent teenage pregnancies.
•    Engaging in youth development programs.
•    Teaching and assisting in schools.

It’s a great opportunity to give back to these communities and also experience the way of life of the people. This will go a long way to benefit the volunteer and the community as a whole through your compassion and dedication.

These programs can be done alongside tour expeditions or without tours (only volunteering)
Volunteering Placements are planned based on client specification.